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Welcome to NOPF Whidbey Island

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NOPF Whidbey Island

1987 - Present

1280 W. Intruder Street
Oak Harbor, WA 98277
comm (360) 257-0212 or DSN 820-0212


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For more information about the command, please use the Contact Us link on the right, or email the Command Master Chief or the Public Affairs Officer. They will be happy to answer your questions.

For more information on the area, click the Local Area link at the top of the page. For driving information and maps, click the Maps & Driving link at the top of the page.


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NOPF is located on beautiful Whidbey Island in the Northwest corner of Washington State. Situated 65 miles north of Seattle and 60 miles south of Canada; and connected to the mainland only by the Deception Pass bridge, this is a once-in-a-lifetime duty station! As shown in the picture below, ferry service is also available to and from the island.

The weather on the island is typically mild with winters in the mid to upper 30's and Summers in the mid to high 70's. The area receives far less rainfall than the Seattle area due to the proximity of the Olympic mountains to the immediate Northwest.



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From Seattle, WA | 150 km – about 1 hour 52 mins
*up to 2 hours 20 mins in traffic
1. Head northeast on James St toward 5th Ave 0.1 mi
2. Turn left at 7th Ave 315 ft
3. Merge onto I-5 N via the ramp on the left to Vancouver BC 64.4 mi
4. Take exit 230 for WA-20 toward Anacortes/Burlington 0.4 mi
5. Turn left at W Rio Vista Ave/WA-20 Continue to follow WA-20 11.7 mi
6. Turn left to stay on WA-20 15.6 mi
7. Turn left at E Whidbey Ave 151 ft
8. Turn right at SE Ely St 0.6 mi
9. Turn left at SE Barrington Dr 0.2 mi

From Vancouver, BC | 168 km – about 2 hours 12 mins
1. Head west on W 12th Ave toward Cambie St 0.9 km
2. Turn left at Oak St 6.0 km
3. Slight left at HWY-99 Entering United States (Washington) 40.8 km
4. Continue on I-5 S 74.7 km
5. Take exit 230 toward WA-20/Anacortes/Burlington 0.3 km
6. Turn right at Goldenrod Rd 0.3 km
7. Turn left at WA-20 18.6 km
8. Turn left to stay on WA-20 25.1 km
9. Turn left at E Whidbey Ave 46 km
10. Turn right at SE Ely St 1.0 km
11. Turn left at SE Barrington Dr 0.3 km


From the Command Master Chief

Congratulations on your orders to Naval Ocean Processing Facility (NOPF), Whidbey Island, let me be the first to welcome you to our Team. You will find NOPF is a very positive, pro-active and highly professional Command. Our goal is a simple one: To make our Sailors successful by ensuring they have the tools necessary not only to succeed but also to excel.

NOPF’s mission is to provide initial alerting and reporting of ocean-borne acoustics, and environmental data, as well as tactical, communication, and training support to our fleet battle groups and civilian agencies. You will find our mission is vital, diverse and demanding. Whether directing our SURTASS ships for optimum employment or monitoring our fixed assets, we utilize state of the art equipment and emphasize readiness through training.

Our Command sponsors Chief Petty Officer, First Class, and Second Class Petty Officer Associations. We also encourage Sailor and family participation in all our Navy’s programs including off-duty education. NOPF and NAS Whidbey Island Morale Welfare and Recreation departments are extremely active hosting a variety of activities throughout the year including: intramural sport teams, ski trips, family picnics, Command bowling day, movie day, golf tournaments and trips to various local attractions, including Seattle and Canada, just to name a few.

You will find there is plenty to do and see to keep you busy, but to ensure our Command’s continued success I strongly encourage you and your family to join in and be an active member of our Command so we may continue to be the best in the Navy.

You will be receiving notification of your command sponsor shortly, please contact him/her as soon as possible so he/she can answer any of your questions to allow you a smooth transition to the NOPF team.

Again, Congratulations and Welcome Aboard! I’m sure you will find your tour at NOPF Whidbey Island both challenging and rewarding. I look forward to personally meeting you upon your arrival. For assistance, don’t hesitate to call me at: COMM (360) 257-0281 or DSN 820-0281.


Executive OfficerCommand Master Chief

Commander Sean L. Bartlett, NOPFWI Commanding Officer
Commander Sean L. Bartlett




HomeCommanding OfficerCoxswainCanadian Navyen FrancaisCanadian Defence Liaison Staff (Washington)Passport CanadaRegistrar of Imported Vehicles

Canadian FlagWelcome to Naval Ocean Processing Facility Whidbey Island (NOPFWI). With your posting, you are about to join an exclusive bi-national team responsible for providing timely and accurate acoustic cueing to operating and supporting forces throughout the Pacific, and conduct continuous maritime surveillance for Homeland Security. I am pleased to extend a warm welcome to you on behalf of the Canadian Contingent.

NOPFWI is the pride of the Integrated Undersea Surveillance System; the workplace is modern and comfortable, and the equipment is state of the art. You can be assured that your tour in this new environment will be professionally challenging and personally rewarding.

As you may well be aware, the US Pacific Northwest is a beautiful part of the world in which to live. Oak Harbor is a pleasant community with most of the conveniences you should need. Vancouver and Seattle, each with their own attractions, are only two hours away. All this should combine to make your stay in the United States a full and enjoyable time. If you have any questions about the local area, your HHT and your posting, contact our Chief Clerk at AUTOVON 312-820-0193 or commercial (360)257-0193.


HomeCommanding OfficerCoxswainCanadian Navyen FrancaisCanadian Defence Liaison Staff (Washington)Passport CanadaRegistrar of Imported Vehicles

Canadian FlagBienvenue à Naval océan une installation de traitement de Whidbey Island (NOPFWI). Avec votre détachement, vous êtes sur le point de rejoindre un bi-exclusif équipe nationale chargée de fournir en temps opportun et précis acoustique positionner à l'exploitation et de soutenir les forces de tout le Pacifique, et de la conduite continue de surveillance maritime pour la sécurité intérieure. Je suis heureux de souhaiter une chaleureuse bienvenue à vous au nom du contingent canadien.

NOPFWI est la fierté de la sous-intégré de système de surveillance, le lieu de travail est moderne et confortable, ainsi que l'équipement est l'état de l'art. Vous pouvez être assuré que votre visite dans ce nouvel environnement sera difficile professionnellement et personnellement gratifiant.

Comme vous mai bien être conscients, les États-Unis Pacifique du Nord-Ouest est une belle partie du monde où il fait bon vivre. Oak Harbor est une communauté agréable avec la plupart des commodités dont vous avez besoin. Vancouver et de Seattle, chacun avec leurs propres attractions, sont seulement deux heures de route. Tout cela doit se combinent pour faire de votre séjour aux États-Unis et un agréable moment. Si vous avez des questions sur la région, votre VRD et votre détachement, veuillez communiquer avec notre chef de service à AUTOVON 312-820-0193 ou commercial (360) 257-0193.


Navy & Marine Corps Relief SocietyFleet & Family Support Center

How can my Ombudsman help me?

The Ombudsman can help you find the resources you need to solve almost any problem, from critical emergencies to routine requests. As a communications link, they routinely pass information from families to the command, as well as share information from the command leadership as appropriate .Ombudsmen have a direct link to the command, and are the source of official and accurate command information, especially during emergencies.

Email the Ombudsman

Origin of the word Ombudsman

Ombudsman (am´bdzmn) [Swed.,=agent or representative], public official appointed to deal with individual complaints against government acts.

The office originated in Sweden in 1809 when the Swedish legislature created a riksdagens justitieombudsman, or parliamentary agent of justice, and in the 20th century, it has been adopted by a number of countries. As a government agent serving as an intermediary between citizens and the government bureaucracy, the ombudsman is usually independent, impartial, universally accessible, and empowered only to recommend. In the United States the term ombudsman has been used more widely to describe any machinery adopted by private organizations (e.g., large business corporations and universities) as well as by government to investigate complaints of administrative abuses. In 1969, Hawaii became the first of many American states to appoint an ombudsman.


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Command Master Chief
Public Affairs Officer


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IUSS - Caesar Alumni Association


The 50's and 60's witnessed the birth, early childhood development and growth of undersea surveillance; originally the Sound Surveillance System (SOSUS). With the 70's came technology upgrades both in shore and underwater systems; planning for new cable ships, super NAVFACs and the follow on to the Towed Array Sensor System (TASS), the Surveillance Towed Array Sensor System (SURTASS). The 80's realized consolidation of shore assets due to technology advances in underwater systems, arrival of the first SURTASS ships, delivery of the cable ship USNS Zeus, and the end of the Cold War; this last one to have repercussions that most of us did not anticipate. The 90's where we are today.



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